Spring break has officially started for me so YAY!

And it's my birthday so (double) YAY! I'm going to eat with (hopefully) a bunch of friends tonight. I'm pretty much really, really looking forward to it. :D
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Oh, man, I totally forgot it was your birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

I am kidding.

From: [identity profile] tehfuzzypenguin.livejournal.com

I swear to something very important that I could not get to the computer yesterday and so could not wish you a happy birthday. I am sad.

I hope you had fun!

From: [identity profile] cold-campbells.livejournal.com

Aw, that's okay. :D

I did have a really good time. My friend bought an embarrassing amount of balloons, and I awkwardly stood in the front of the restaurant, looking like the silly things could carry me away, while the hostess got us a table. It was probably totally juvenile; I liked it.


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