Fandom: Zoey 101
Title: A Certain Sense of Synergy
Pairing/Characters: Quinn/Logan primarily, but pretty much everyone makes an appearance and all canon couples are mentioned.
Summary: Rather than pick each other's dates Logan and Quinn throw caution to the wind and decide to go to prom together. Obviously, AU.
A/N: Mad props to[ profile] falulatonks,[ profile] ladililn, and[ profile] author_abz for their kind comments and constructive critiques. Well, not Abz so much. She just fangirled. :P  Any remaining mistakes are my own.   The title was blatantly ripped off from a Motion City Soundtrack song by the name of "It Had to be You".

When I'm old I don't want the only thing I remember about junior prom to be that I wasn't dancing with the only girl that I can actually make out with at the end. )



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