yes, I, formally know to LJ as rachel_lupin, have changed my name. Hopefully it doesn't screw with anybodies brains too much.


From: [identity profile]

aha, it sort of screwed with my brains, but I understand it now :)

how have you been?

From: [identity profile]

its alrighty :)

and that's good....

if you have it, how was your may long weekend?

From: [identity profile]

I didn't have it this week (that's next week for us). This week was really busy for me, because I had graduation and everything.

From: [identity profile]

oh i most definitely see.
im sorry, but i find it funny that we have different days for a long weekend;
is your long weekend meant to be a celebration or no?

From: [identity profile]

It's memorial day, where we are supposed too...go to the lake memorialize stuff.

From: [identity profile]

aha, i see.
ours is to play with firecrackers celebrate queen victorias birthday



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