Fandom: The Office
Title: You're Brave But You're All Alone
Pairing: Andy/Karen
Rating: G
Spoilers: Vague spoilers for what will likely be one eventual result of events in Goodybye, Toby
A/N: Written for [ profile] nobodysbizathon, based on the Karen/Andy prompt sometimes you want something familiar

She bumps into Andy in a grocery story in Utica. In an attempt at politeness (and because she's bored enough to be sort of curious), she asks him why he's there and how he's doing and he says something about losing that stupid ball-and-chain Angela (he doesn't sound okay when he says it) and a sister's he's visiting. She never even knew about him and Angela but she tries her best to make her surprise seem more like sympathy.

She pats him on the back and says, "I'm sure there's less judgmental fish in the sea."

He smiles when she says it. It stirs something in her, and she remembers when she sat in the same office as him (before she had dashed expectations of meeting someone and it turning into a life filled with something more than just work and papers sales and ambition).

He asks, "How are you, Karen?" complete with his typical strange affectations and emphasis in all the wrong places (how are youu, Karen) . She feels more stirring and wishes she would have been a little nicer to him in the past, because even though he's weird he's still kind of a person.

But she doesn't feel so bad that she doesn't curtly let herself out of any continued conversation and hurry back to her apartment, where she's greeted by white walls and the same furniture she's been used to for years in an arrangement that has yet to feel like home.
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