Friends cut. Don't take it personal, it just had to be done.

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:P XD Ironically - I'm actually studying right now. O.o

I'm taking that as a compliment. XD

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You should! Only the (occasionally to often) socially awkward are allowed on my flist. :P

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Well thank you very much!

Socially awkward = Me (without a doubt)

*gasp* I haven't seen that icon in FOREVER and omgoodness I LOOOOOOVE it. (I'm sure you know this, but oh well.) EE! Love. Spencer. Guh. "orphan blue" *dies*

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Thank you for keeping me around even though I suck as a friend... :P

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Hey, I know you're busy. I mostly cut people who are never, ever around or who I just couldn't see myself ever connecting with.

But I would like to see you around more again. :P

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Hellooo. Yikes, I haven't commented in superlong, apologies for that! Starting college is a time-consuming adventure indeed. I hope you're doing good, though (:

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Hey, no worries. I didn't cut people who I knew had disappeared for genuine business and would likely be back eventually.

I those things are going good for you too. :D


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