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01 Secret. 02 Silence. 03 Fire. 04 Beyond. 05 Stars.
06 Rage. 07 Never. 08 Pain. 09 Tears. 10 Ruin.
11 Courage. 12 Laughter. 13 Love. 14 Belong. 15 Want.

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HI! I randomly stumbled across your blog. I see that you are a fan of The Office, Ned's Declassified, Heroes, Hannah Montana, Danny Phantom... mind if I befriend you?

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Not at all. I checked out your profile page and deduced from the fact that you've done undergraduate and graduate work that you're a fellow older HM/Ned's fan, which means I've already decided that you completely win. :D

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Hello! (gee I hope this isn't stalkery ._.) I've seen you round on [ profile] falulatonks' blog and I thought I would pop over to say hello because it is really wonderfully nice to see someone (sortof) grown-up who is a fan of Disney things too! I'm 18 :P) And I like The Office too and I am getting into Heroes so um I guess I am saying hello would you like to be friends!

Also hey I see you are an English major, which is way cool. Hopefully by next September I will be on my way to being one too :P

(sorry I think I double-posted but my earlier formatting was screwy xP)

From: [identity profile]

Not stalkery, just totally alright. I loving making new LJ friends especially the older-fan-of-disney-things, geting-into-Heroes, Office-loving kind.

Being an English major is sometimes way too much work, but somehow still totally awesome. Good luck.

(no worries about the formating. It happens)

From: [identity profile]

Hurrah! I shall add you to my friendlist (:

Thanks (: I do hope I get to study English, because truth be told there isn't a whole lot else I'd like to study, and I don't know what else I would be good enough at really :P


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