Fandom: The Office
Title: Jim is an idiot
Pairings/Characters:Dwight/Angela, mentions of Jim
Word Count: 254
Rating: G
Spoilers: Everything through Money
Notes: Started out as a few sentences scribbled during History of Jazz. Ended up being one of a couple things given to [ profile] falulatonks for her birthday.
Summary: At the present it feels like his entire being exists for the slightest, faintest, indication that maybe - maybe things will work themselves out. )

Fandom: The Office
Title: Five People Who Are Happy (Sort Of)
Pairings/Characters: Jim/Pam, Kelly/Darryl, Micheal/Jan, Karen
Word Count: 1381
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: Written for [ profile] falulatonks's birthday. Posted because she demanded it.
Summary: Everybody wants to be happy.

Pam was happy. Like truly, honestly, perhaps just-this-side-of-certifiable-happy. )

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