[livejournal.com profile] author_abz tagged me with the following:

Put your iPod/Mp3 player on shuffle. Write song fics drabbles based on the
first ten songs that play, but only write them within the time the song is
playing. Then, after you post yours, tag 5 people.

I don't really do song fics in the traditional sense, I suppose, but I do love fics inspired by songs. So I changed the rules. I wonder if that makes me pretentious?

I sort of hate tagging people, but I am going to over here (instead of on ff.net where I was tagged. I'm being pretentious again). It was hard to chose, because I have only a little bit of an idea who would want to do this, but I do have some idea who I want to do this. So please don't feel obligated if you see your username. It certainly won't hurt my feelings if you chose to not to do this. In any case here's my five people.

[livejournal.com profile] falulatonks
[livejournal.com profile] ayadec
[livejournal.com profile] tehfuzzypenguin
[livejournal.com profile] moirariordan
[livejournal.com profile] katrina87

of course, is you are aren't on that list and still want to do it, just do it and say I tagged you. These certainly aren't the only good writers on my flist.

Anywhere, without further ado, here are the drabbles, which I would love some feedback on. :D

If I were to give these a rating...G? PG? Honestly, they are are all kind of innocuous.

1. Cheap Like Sebastian - Apostle of hustle - Heroes - Adam/Claire

It's a little bit wrong.

A lot wrong.

He's deceptions and untruths and devotion to all the wrong causes. He'll never be faithful or true or anything that she's supposed to be looking for in a relationship. Plus, he's really, really old.

She still smiles when he kisses her and runs his fingers through her hair.

2. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today - She & Him - The Office - Jim/Pam

She sees him everywhere. It's impossible not to when there's memories of him everywhere she looks (jinx in front of the soda machine, silly conversations by jellybeans, and laughter and a shoulder to fall asleep on and looks in the conference room).

She hates a little bit that it takes his absence to realize how much she's fallen in love with him (it would be dishonest for her to deny that she's felt something like that while he was still present, but the weight of her feelings is exceptionally apparent now).

Then there's hopes that get dashed and actually seeing his face almost all day everyday and still being in love. So she pushes things away. Down somewhere deep, although she gets this feeling that maybe those things are going to have a hard time staying down.

Because she really misses him. Really.

3. Always - Bon Jovi - Zoey 101 - Quinn/Logan

Logan's not ever really thought of himself as the always kind of guy. He's not even sure how always would work, exactly (thanks dad). But he's got this feeling that maybe he might be able to work it out even though logically (such a Quinn word, he knows) they don't make sense. She's brilliant and wonderful and he's kind of...not those things (even though, he's certain of him own awesomeness - it's just different from her awesomeness).

He refuses to tell anyone where he wants to go to school until Quinn announces where she's going. Then he calls his dad and convinces him that the nearest film school to her school is the right choice and that what that school really needs is a new wing with the name Reese on it.

Quinn's a little annoyed when she finds out (more proof he has no idea how always is supposed to go), he talks and she listens (she's awesome like that) and in the end they're making out and he's just happy to be going to a school only a hour away from hers.

4. Athlete - Wires - Life With Derek - Derek/Casey

He sees it in her face, sometimes. When Max was making her particularly unhappy, or he himself is being particularly nice. He can't ever decide if it's best to ignore it or not. Because it is dangerous and scary and just a little like something he's been hoping to see.

But hoping to see it and actually seeing it are very different, especially when the actually suddenly seems to require quite a lot from him and her and maybe even everyone they know.

Although, the more he sees it in her smile or her eyes (or her actions) the more he thinks that perhaps it might be possible.

5. Bullseye - Aly and AJ - Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide - Ned/Moze

It sort of hit her suddenly. He kissed her and he wasn't just Ned and every stupid thing he did suddenly became something that demonstrated that he was awesome and wonderful, in spite of how ridiculous and irresponsible he was.

It was distracting. So she added other distractions (one that perhaps loved soccer a little too much) and they didn't work and in the end she just wound up with Ned continuing to turn her brain to mushiness.

6. Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - The Office - Jim centric angst with some Jim/Pam

He often gets the sense that his life aught to be better than this - better than pushing reams of paper and standing in front of moving vehicles until you convince someone that they need to buy from you and no one else. But looking up at the receptionist's desk, he supposes that there is something else...but still. This isn't how he envisioned his future - turning into some pushy guy with no self-respect who ignores any sense of when he should be feeling really humiliated.

He's a little jealous of Pam. She knows what she wants, and it's almost like she doesn't need him because she can go for that and get that without him (she was on her way to doing so way before then it's a date) . He's just something extra: a Christmas bonus that makes her smile, but she could still get by without him.

But he needs her. He's tried this without her and it's empty and tasteless and so depressing that he's not sure he'd be able to do it for more than a year or two without losing it and driving his car off a bridge.

She kisses him now though, and this is something. He doesn't want to say it isn't. But still...still, he wishes for PhillyJim and googles guitar lessons and journalism classes, only to close the window and walk away from the computer when he hears Pam unlocking his door.

7. Nine in the Afternoon - Panic at the Disco - Zoey 101 - Quinn/Logan

He feels really, really happy in this crazy, out of place, how on earth can this be happening kind of way. It's unexpected and wonderful and lots of other things that he never thought he'd be okay with.

Every moment spent behind buildings and plants feels likes warm weekend afternoons that he never wants to end, because they are too perfect (much of the time that's what they are, but still). He knows he's not supposed to think these things. But it's right in it's foreignness, and the previous girls have nothing on Quinn. So he is content to keep staring into her eyes and touching her face and wondering how he got to be so lucky.

8. Hold me tight - The Beatles - Life With Derek - Derek/Casey

He wraps his arms around her and she takes a deep breath. Nobody knows yet, and and since they are standing in the kitchen and any of their family members could be home at any minute the possibility of discovery should be a great source of anxiety. However, whenever he does this she breaths him in and forgets and just feels safe and loved for however many moments they have.

He kisses the top of her head; by now it's the sort of gesture that's common enough not to surprise her .

9. Goodbye, Goodnight - Mae - Zoey 101 - Quinn/Logan

They dig their bare feet into the sand and she looks a little bit like she's going to cry. He holds both her hands as they stand facing each other and it feels way more like a goodbye than he expected, in spite of how their words say otherwise (She says: we'll call each other...he says: I'll visit).

He pictures the approaching semester and sees himself staring at the sky and hoping she hasn't found someone better than him. His breath hitches.

The water is coming in and it hits their feet. She senses his fear and says, I promise. He wants to believe her and squeezes her hands a little tighter.

10. The Trapeze Swinger - Iron and Wine - Doctor Who - Ten/Rose

He wonders what she thinks of him when she thinks of him. And then he wonders how often she thinks of him and can't decide if he hopes it's often or not all because one possibility is painful for him and the other is painful for her (really, they are both painful for him). He's glad she hasn't seen some of things that he's done after she left, because it means her memories of him are of laughing about werewolves and not of eternal damnation for a particular family or the cries of drowning spider children.

He's sure Rose is still beautiful, but...after he saw Martha again, he saw how he might be responsible for changing his companions - turning Martha into a soldier, as Donna had put it.

He doesn't want Rose to change - to be a soldier . She's too brilliant, too good for that.

He's got this feeling that that's what she might have become, because Torchwood's still Torchwood no matter what dimension it's in.

But he hopes and remembers her smile and the way her fingers felt intertwined in his because he wants to think of her in the best light possible.

(he hopes she returns the favor)

From: [identity profile] moirariordan.livejournal.com

Aw. These are adorable. And I'm tagged! I'll give it a shot, though I'm not sure how successful I'll be. But hell, let's try. :D

From: [identity profile] cold-campbells.livejournal.com

Aw, thank you very, very much. :D (Compliments always mean so much from people who write in a kick ass manner. :D )

Good luck, but like I said, no pressure to write anything if you don't want to. :)

From: [identity profile] moirariordan.livejournal.com

I actually got something up at [livejournal.com profile] theborogoves last night, if you wanna check it out. It was harder than I expected, and so incredibly hard not to cheat, too. ;)

From: [identity profile] cold-campbells.livejournal.com

Oh! I was busy watching Chuck, and not paying enough attention to my friends page.

there was certainly some cheating that occurred on my part I mean, I totally played fair... ;)

Icon LOVE. :D


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